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Lacewing Moth

August 12, 2013
Lacewing moth

Lacewing Moth on a Dense Blazing Star Flower

Hidden in Plain Sight

There I was, sweeping off the back deck, when out of the corner of my eye I spotted something small sticking out from behind a piece of the house siding near the sliding door. Upon closer inspection it appeared to be the tip of an insect’s wing. Not knowing if it was alive, I carefully pulled the wing to coax the insect out from behind the siding. I had no idea that the little tip was attached to this very long (over 2 inches) Lacewing Moth. It was quite a surprise.

Off It Goes

Once I had completely revealed the moth (or perhaps it was vice versa and it actually chose to reveal itself to me), it rested for a moment on my deck. Gently I nudged it with the end of my broom to see if it was okay. Apparently it was just fine, as it took off over the deck railing and onto one of my Dense Blazing Star flowers. It was obvious that it found the flower an ideal landing spot, for the Lacewing seemed quite happy to snack on it.

The Name Says It All

You can tell how this insect got its name simply by looking at the incredible lace pattern in its wings. It always amazes me how much intricate detail is woven throughout nature. You never have to venture far with a macro lens to find interesting subjects to shoot.

Sometimes they are hiding right outside your door — and  you don’t even know it.

~ Liz Mackney

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